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David & Judi Einhorn
Some call it a coincidence and others say that the way Judi and David Einhorn met was fate. Whatever your theory of love and destiny, one thing is certain: The Einhorns have created a successful partnership in marriage and business.
David is a “city kid” and attended Friends Select, Judi is from Long Island. Their paths first crossed in 1991 after Judi had graduated from Philadelphia College of Art and had accepted a job in the city. David had purchased Seafood Unlimited in 1988 after receiving a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management in Denver and a stop in Chicago working in various restaurants honing his skills. He was working in the restaurant everyday and began to notice his regular customer. “He was always unloading a truck” Judi says. She wore miniskirts and high heels and made a point to say hi to me.” recalls David.

David would buy dessert for Judi’s table when she came in for lunch. “But he never asked me out and I always wondered why,” she said. Then, one day when Judi was buying fish in the retail part of the store David told her he was getting married. “After that, I decided to stop walking past the restaurant.” It was six months later, after Judi had switched jobs that she began strolling past the restaurant again and spotted David outside. “How’s married life?” she asked. “I’m not married anymore,” David replied. Back on the singles scene, David finally asked Judi out on a date and a year and a half later they were married.

Together, David and Judi have created a Philadelphia institution. They take pleasure in knowing the names and faces of the regulars who frequent their restaurant. “Our philosophy is simple.” Says Judi, “understand the neighborhood and you’ll understand the product you need to provide.’ Under their direction Seafood Unlimited delivers on quality food that makes diners come back for the chowder and gracious hospitality.